Fact: Octopus arms have a mind of their own. Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms, not its head. As a result, the arms can problem solve how to open a shellfish while their owners are busy doing something else, like checking out a cave for more edible goodies.

The same applies for OCTO REEF. OCTO REEF’S intelligence lies in its people and their ability to take ownership. We strongly encourage self-steering teams and we happily provide the necessary underlying support to enable their success.

Testimonials from Reefers

Guyta Serraes

Octo reef

From the beginning on, there was space for own initiatives and dialogue. OCTO REEF offers me the opportunity to make my mark. If I have any questions or bump into obstacles, the entire team is willing to support, which contributes to an amazing team spirit.

Christophe Peetermans

DSB Print

I started at DSB in 2001.  After 13 years, DSB has become a very important part of my life, for which I commit 200% every single day as if it were my own company. DSB is only my second employer and hopefully also the last.

Leen Lambrechts

The Stuff

I was heard and trusted from day one and I am grateful for all the support and opportunities I have received throughout my career at OCTO REEF. I look forward to what’s next.

Nasser Faqiri

Octo reef

OCTO REEF gave me the opportunity to start working within an innovative, caring and young environment. I always had a passion for everything IT related and thanks to OCTO REEF’S trust and support, I was able to transform this passion into a job.

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